Aero Hydro Research & Technology Associates

AeroHydro Research & Technology Associates is a partnership founded in 2003. Max Platzer and John Ekaterinaris have a broad spectrum of complementary experiences and skills.

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The current major business objective is the development and commercial implementation of a new renewable power generation concept first proposed by Max Platzer and Nesrin Sarigul-Klijn at the ASME Energy Sustainability Conference in San Francisco, July 19-23, 2009 (ASME-ES2009-90146). This concept originated from the recognition that only a small part of the renewable power sources available on our planet are presently being exploited because it is generally assumed as "self-evident" that only land or off-shore based renewable power sources are exploitable. Yet, seventy percent of the globe's surface is covered by oceans and vast ocean areas are exposed to strong persistent winds. The question therefore arises whether it is possible to tap into this virtually inexhaustible power reservoir. We argue that sailing ships equipped with hydrokinetic turbines can convert the ocean wind power into electrical power which, in turn, can be converted into hydrogen and oxygen by means of on-board electrolysers. The hydrogen then is compressed and the pressurized hydrogen tanks are transported back to shore for reconversion into electrical power or for direct use as transportation fuel, heating and cooking. Our studies of this concept (see the listed papers on power generation) have led us to the conclusion that this "energy ship" concept is economically competitive in providing electrical power and hydrogen fuel to off-grid villages on remote islands and coastal areas, research stations, military bases etc. We therefore invite partners who are interested in exploring business opportunities in implementing the "energy ship" concept.

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